New DVD just released! “Pantyhose Domination 3-Hosed Therapist”

starring: Jewell Marceau, Angela Sommers, & Kristal Summers

Shot in HD
Run Time: 72 min.

Keywords: FemDom, pantyhose, nylons, G/G, big tits, long hair, blonde, brunette, high heels, garters, stockings, lingerie, foot worship, nylon worship, breast worship, bondage, rope bondage, pantyhose bondage, ball gag, cleave gag, over the mouth gag, frog tie, kissing, licking, spanking, nylon foot jobs, silky, story line, orgasms, vibrator, struggling, groping, fantasy

Description: Dr. Angela Sommers thinks she is giving her client Jewell Marceau the necessary treatment to alleviate her insatiable desires for silky nylons. Her relentless need to pleasure herself with them and sexually seduce the gorgeous females she sees wearing them has truly gotten out of hand according to Dr. Sommer’s diagnosis of Miss Marceau. Alas, Jewell can spot a silky nylon slut with instantaneous accuracy! She has devised a plan to reveal Dr. Sommer’s sexually deviant nylon desires bringing her into a new world of sex, submission, and silken addiction! Also, added bonus scene featuring Kristal Summers bound and dominated by Jewell Marceau and her vast collection of irresistible stockings and pantyhose! The combination of bondage, vibrators, and silky hosiery brings endless uncontrollable orgasms!

Available for purchase HERE!

Just arrived in London!

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I’ve been in London for a week now and I am still getting settled in! I am unpacking my items from storage from my very long forced retreat away from the UK for 2 years, thoughtfully given to me by the UK government. Now 2 years and about $10,000 later I finally have my Visa! Geeez, what a headache! I am having a great time catching up with old friends. I have a shoot with Bondage Bob tomorrow I am very much looking forward to! I had a great time at the Torture Garden Valentine’s Day event Saturday, Feb. 15th, 2014. I have included a photo. This is me at the very end of the night, 4am I am guessing? I am a bit disheveled now, but still cute in my new powder pink latex dress made by Slaughter House Couture. I leave for NY on March 1st for 1 week, Virginia Beach for 3 days (March 7-10), Atlanta for a few days (March 11-15), then to Tampa (March 16-23), and back to NY March 24-27). Back to London March 28th! Whew! What a long trip! I will be available for shoots and Pro Dom sessions, so email me for appointments and bookings!

after Torture Garden Feb. 15th, 2014

Latest video release “Why So Cruel?”

New video just released Friday, January 31st, 2014 titled “Why So Cruel?” Here is a kinky description of this title: Jewell Marceau is stunned when a sadistic intruder bursts into her home demanding she hand over her valuables. Jewell attempts to throw him off and struggle out of his grips only to find this antagonizes the intruder even more. Exploding with rage, this hardened criminal slaps poor Jewell around, spanks her, gropes & fondles her delicious body, binds her tightly while exclaiming ruthless threats forcing Jewell to reluctantly comply. Run time: 64 minutes Available for purchase
Find this new, hot title and many more at



New Video released “Shoe Obsession” starring Jewell Marceau & Mary Jane

Check out my newest video release, “Shoe Obsession” starring Jewell Marceau & Smoking Mary Jane. This movie was shot in HD, includes a photo gallery, and has a run time of 82 minutes! You can buy the DVD here. You can buy this video as a full download here. You can buy downloadable clips here.
You can view this video in high quality streaming format here.
Highlights include: nylon fetish, G/G sex, high heels, garter belts, stockings, nylon worship, foot worship, shoe smelling, big tits, foot fetish, kissing, breast worship, strap-on, cock worship, blow job, spanking, groping, secretary, brunette, Mary Jane, orgasms, shoe fucking, pussy licking, fingering
Description: Mary Jane is intrigued by the mysterious story of Jewell’s one missing shoe. Mary Jane cannot seem to control her sexually stimulated curiosity and is soon discovered viewing private files on Jewell’s computer potentially leading her to the whereabouts of the missing stiletto. Jewell takes this opportunity to teach this nosy girl a well-deserved lesson about what privacy really means!

New Video Released Oct. 26th, 2013 titled “Gord’s Kinky Slave Disposal” with added bonus scene!

Check out my latest video release starring Jeff Gord and his device bondage on Jewell Marceau! Plus special bonus scene titled “Office Discipline” featuring the sexy and stern Anastasia Pierce disciplining poor Jewell’s breasts and bare bottom with swift strokes of her cane! Available for purchase at $19.95 on DVD here:
You can purchase the entire DVD as a download here:
Highlights include: Jeff Gord, device bondage, tight bondage, inescapable bondage, outdoor bondage, ball gags, hood, nipple clamps, vibrator, ankle suspension, encasement, groping, struggling, capture, high heels, stockings, garter, big tits, busty brunettes, spanking, OTSC, Anastasia Pierce, short skirts, caning, cane strokes, cane marks, humiliation, hair pulling, breast torture, trash talk, gag talk

Description: Jeff Gord and his right hand man, Kev are in the business of busty babe slave disposal. They both know exactly how to handle a rambunctious beauty using Gord’s cleverly inescapable bondage devices and Kev’s black list of eager buyers. No luscious lady stands a chance in their grips!

Plus an Added Bonus Scene! Titled “Office Discipline” – Jewell Marceau has been caught partying on the clock by her boss Anastasia Pierce. In order to keep her position at the office, Jewell must endure Anastasia’s harshly required discipline of more than 25 cane strokes on her breasts and bare bottom! Watch sexy Jewell wiggle and squirm with each swift stroke of Anastasia’s cane!

Gord's Kinky Slave Disposal

New DVD released! “Your Worst Enema!”

Check out the new DVD release from The Crowned Jewell Productions titled, “Your Worst Enema!” starring Jewell Marceau & Krissy Kage. Here is a sexy description of this new release: Jewell Marceau catches Krissy Kage stealing her wallet while over for an afternoon visit. Jewell is furious, but knows exactly how to handle this situation! Krissy soon finds herself in the clutches of Jewell’s tight ropes enduring long, deep enemas, gags, and anal torture! You can purchase this new DVD for only $19.95 now right here. You can buy this title and many more at discount prices in the online DVD store here. All DVD’s are available in hard copy DVD format, high quality streaming, downloadable clips, & downloadable DVD’s. Some DVD’s are shot in high definition.

New! DVD Package Deals!

Check out my brand new offer on DVD package deals here.
Get multiple video titles of the same series or genre for one flat low price! If you love bondage, BDSM, enema, catfighting, FEMDOM, stockings & pantyhose, breath play, Damsel in Distress, large breasts, hardcore sex, G/G sex, strap-on action, anal play, latex, high heels, costumes, encasement, necrophilia, role play, worship, domination, power exchange, and many other fetishes you will definitely benefit from this special offer. Some of my package deals break down to as little as $3 or $4 a video!!! Buy 4 necro video titles for only $15.00! Buy 3 bondage webcam videos for only $12.00!! Great value for your wallet! Get yours today!

New DVD Just Released “Tape Bound 2″

Keywords: bondage, tape bondage, mummification, pantyhose encasement, pantyhose gag, tape gag, big tits, lingerie, girdles, stockings, garters, high heels, stripping, Stacy Burke, Summer Cummings, abduction, fondling, struggling, gag talk, submission

Description: Armed with more evil tape, this vicious intruder strikes again as he captures the buxom beauties Stacy Burke & Summer Cummings! Watch these curvy ladies wiggle & writhe as they are bound providing endless enjoyment to this hardened criminal!

Tape Bound 2!

Summer Blow out DVD SALE! All DVD’s are $10.00!! GET YOURS BEFORE THE SALE ENDS!

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