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Wanna Make Out?

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I LOVE to kiss! How about you? I was just surfing the net and found this really cool article called “Makeout 101″. I was so surprised to find a couple of great tips that I can use! (And, if I do say so myself, I am a pretty hot and sexy kisser…) So I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

Have you been in a relationship for a while and now your make out sessions are close to non-existent or you find that your kissing isn’t as passionate as it used to be? Well according to the folks at “Women’s Health”, here is one reason why:

“Kissing evolved as a way to assess a potential partner’s compatibility because it exchanges a host of information about health and hormonal status,” says Gordon Gallup, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Albany. “Yet, once people choose a partner, kissing may die down because there’s no longer a need to gauge each others DNA.”

But even if you know he’s The One (or could be!), you owe it to your sex life to keep smooching. “Saliva contains the sex hormone testosterone, which triggers libido,” says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a research professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey. “So the more time you spend kissing, the more primed you’ll be for sex, resulting in a more intense sexual experience.”

Here is kissing Tip #1:

Add Novelty

“You have four lips and two tongues between you, so be creative. William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, recommends a move he calls “lip-o-suction.” To try it, softly kiss his upper lip while he lightly chews and sucks your lower lip, then switch, explains Cane. No doubt he will try to slip you the tongue, but don’t let him…yet. Wait until he’s all riled up, then allow your tongues to wander over each others teeth, inner cheeks, and gums. The alternating sensations of the hard, smooth tooth enamel and the inside of a soft, moist mouth will awaken your senses.”

Stay tuned to my blog for more lip-awakening kissing tips! Let me know how they go! I’ve tried each one, but I think I better keep practicing so that I get them just right…! Ooo-la-la!

More Sex Mistakes! Oh No!

November 16th, 2010 | Filed Under: Jewell News Containing the Tags: , , , ,

I’m back with one more look at mens’ most common sex mistakes with women as seen through the eyes of sex experts Tristan Taormino and Lou Paget (via informaton site Web MD).

Here we go!

Sex Mistake No. 5: Wet = Turned On

Guys sometimes get hung up if a woman doesn’t get slippery enough for easy penetration. Don’t worry about it. “I think there’s a myth that if you’re turned on, you’re wet,” Taormino says. Not necessarily. Some women tend to get wetter than others, and how much natural lubrication a woman has can change from day to day. It varies by the phase of her menstrual cycle, and it’s subject to influences like stress and medications.

Sex Mistake No. 6: Silence Is Golden

A lot of guys think they should be silent during sex, but unless you speak up, your partner has to guess what’s doing it for you and what isn’t. If you’re respectful about it, a woman who wants to please you will probably appreciate some directions. “I’m not saying push her head in your lap,” Taormino says. “I think that, ‘this is how I like it,’ is a very useful conversation to have.”

Guys, I hope you have found these tips useful and perhaps girls, you can pass these on to your guy! I love to know that everyone out there is having great hot sex like me! Let me know what’s going on and what you think!

Common Sex Mistakes Men Make

November 5th, 2010 | Filed Under: Jewell News Containing the Tags: , ,

Hey guys! Want some sex tips to help please your ladies? After learning about the birds and the bees many of you were left to figure out sex for yourself. This has led to some common misunderstandings about women and sex. So I turned to two sex experts and Web M.D. to reveal what they think are the most common sex mistakes men make with women.

Tristan Taormino is an author, lecturer, and video producer. Her latest project is the Expert Guide educational video series from Vivid Ed.

Lou Paget is author of “The Great Lover Playbook” and other sex manuals, and she gives seminars nationwide. According to these experts:

Sex Mistake No.1: You Know What She Wants

Men often make assumptions about what a woman wants based upon what they’ve done with other women. But women aren’t all the same. ‘You develop a repertoire as you mature sexually, but you should never assume that what worked for the last person is going to work for this person,’ Taormino says. That applies not only to sexual predilections, but also to relationships, she says. ‘There are women who can have no-strings-attached sex, and women who can get attached very easily, and then everyone in between.’

Sex Mistake No. 2: You Have All She Needs

Some women can’t have an orgasm with less than 3,000 rpm. No human tongue or fingers can generate that kind of vibration. But men typically think something is wrong if a woman needs a vibrator. ‘If the only way that a woman can achieve orgasm is with a vibrator, she’s not broken,’ Taormino says. Think of a vibrator as your assistant, not your substitute. Many couples use vibrators together. ‘While you’re doing one thing, or two things, the vibrator can be doing something else,’ Taormino says.”

I will reveal more of their sex advice in my upcoming posts! Stay tuned! And please share your comments and experiences below. I would LOVE to hear what you have to say!

Role Playing: Make It A Hot and Wild Halloween!

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Did you ever think that you might be able to bring ‘trick or treat’ off the street and into the bedroom? I sure have. Think about it: Costumes, alternate identities, masks in some cases–these are all elements that fit well in the bedroom. It’s fertile ground for role play and its close companion–dirty talk.

I absolutely love role-playing. I love to get creative and kinky, and I am REALLY good at it! Anything you can think of you can usually spin to a role you can play. Get creative like me! Below you’ll find find some hot ideas to make this Halloween your wildest, most erotic, and kinkiest ever!

Nurse/Doctor and Patient

Questions to ask when you’re just flirting and talking (as for singles) at a party might include, “I’m a doctor/nurse, you can reveal anything to me…” or “show me were it hurts…” Alternately, one could ask the nurse/doctor “I think something’s wrong with my (insert body part here) – what does this look like to you?” as they show the body part of choice. Start with a wrist or calf at first, and then ask for more later on. “Doctor, doctor, I think it’s growing, what do you think?” This is a favorite role play because you have the opportunity to use tools (sex toys or actual medical equipment used as a sex toy) and different places. Examples include: the waiting room (think voyeurism and masturbation while the other partner watches as a warm up), the check up area (initial foreplay, great with toys), and the OR (operating room) which is handy for using ‘tools’ (sex toys, improvised or actual) and a dominant role to pleasure your partner. Use different rooms in the house for this.

Cops and Robbers

Imagine a girl dressed in a short skirt cop uniform. Now imagine a guy in a convict outfit. The possibilities here are limitless. The guy asks, “I’ve broken out, what are you going to do with me?” Another more involved role play could be that the ‘robber’ actually steals something belonging to the ‘cop’. This is done in play, because when the robber then reveals that he’s stolen something of the cop’s, the role play can ensue with a very hot and bothered policewoman (Hhmmm…sounds like there’s lots of kinky potential there…) These dominance-submissiveness roles really excite me!

Vampire and Victim

Another classic costume that may can easily be turned into something sexy. Just make it fun and innocent at first; “What’s your blood type? I only drink type O Negative.” In this case you’ve turned a bloodthirsty hunter into a fussy eater (and eventually a pussy eater!). You could extend the theme (if it suits your personality) to include more personality traits, such as if the vampire is a snobby rich kid, or an ex-Prime Minister of a foreign nation sent into exile out of shame. Make up a story if you can’t think of enough material just with the role itself. The O-negative line could work if you happen to like the music band Type O Negative. Gives you a topic for conversation, and can develop into something like “well let me check…” as you lean in for a sexy little kiss on the neck (Or you could always go with the obvious —O-rgasm…)

Teacher and Student

Teacher and student role play has so many possibilities. If you’re dressed as a hunter, you could be teaching the cute tiger girl how to hunt with her paws, showing her how to find the hunters ‘weak spots,’ being a hunter yourself. Think of the role reversal possibilities here – the teacher first teaches the student, then later the student becomes the hunter… Or it could be the classic student crush on the teacher that turns into something wild and crazy… As I said, the possibilities are endless!

Other Roles

Dirty talk and role play can be found for nearly any relationship you can think of, especially when there is a dominant and a submissive role. Think about professional or work roles. Or try sporting events, like as with a coach and player, etc. Find the options and dig into them.How about TV characters? Famous characters can lead to no end of fun when you know the role of the character in the show.

Halloween gives you HUGE opportunities for both dirty talk and role play – take advantage of them! What it is all really about is creating a ‘spark’ between two people, and that’s easier to find if you have something exciting to talk about like a fantasy. Get into the spirit of it, have some fun, and send me a comment about your stories!

Get wet, wild, and scary!

Let’s Talk Dirty

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I LOVE to talk dirty. To me it’s one of the best parts of making love (or having just plain down-and-dirty raw sex…mmmmm…) and something that I am actually really good at. But for those of you that feel you need a little boost in that area, below you’ll find a great article on how to perfect your dirty talk or if you’re a newbie, some tips on how to bring dirty talk into any and all sexual relationships that you have.

Talk dirty to me!Cory Silverber, an AASECT certified sexuality educator, author, media contributor and researcher tell us: “Talking dirty to the one you love (or even just the one you’re with) is one of those sexual behaviors people are uncomfortable with the first time they do it, and the first time they do it with a new partner. To do it well means letting loose and exposing yourself, which always feels scary the first time. Here are some steps to getting comfortable with dirty talk, and ideas for introducing into your sex play.

Time Required: Learning to talk dirty is a labor of love, it takes time!

Here’s How:

Be authentic in your dirty talk:
Dirty talk can feel silly if you expect it to be what you’ve seen in the movies. You might have this idea that dirty talk is something specific. But good dirty talk is completely what you make it, and to do it well, you have to be yourself. While you may take on a role in your dirty talk (e.g. the ravished submissive) you need to find something of yourself in the role. Make a list of different aspects of your personality you can draw on for inspiration.

Find your dirty talk voice:
You need to find your own way of talking dirty. Your dirty talk might be low rhythmic grunts, high pitched squeals, or precise whispers. It might reflect the way you talk in your daily life, or it might express a different aspect of your personality. You don’t need to pick only one voice, the element of surprise can add an extra sense of anticipation, when your partner doesn’t know what they’re going to get an earful of next!

Expand your dirty talk vocabulary.
Most of us are raised not to swear. Dirty talk is your opportunity to pull out all the stops on the foul mouth express. Unless you’re role playing calls for it, avoid clinical terms (like penis). If you’re at a loss, do some research. Both of the books recommended below have lists of words. But you can do research online, by reading some raunchy erotica, or in some cases watching porn (although the dirty talk in porn tends to be unimaginative).

Practice dirty talk when you’re alone.
Carol Queen, author of the highly recommended Exhibitionism for the Shy , suggests starting on your own, talking dirty while you masturbate. Fantasize about having sex with your partner and talking dirty to them. You can start by doing it in your head, but eventually do it out loud.

Establish ground rules with your partner.
One of the reasons many of us don’t talk dirty is fear of sounding ridiculous, or being put down or rejected by a partner. It’s important to set some rules when you’re willing to take risks like this. Rules like no laughing at one another, and no judgment are important. In the heat of the moment anything can come out of your mouth, and you need to know that your partner is respectful of the ways that can be exposing.

Start slow the first time.
Don’t feel you have to rush right into elaborate verbal gymnastics. A great way to start with dirty talk is to describe out loud what is happening during sex. Things like “I love the way your hand feels in my….” Or “Your …feels so good on/in my…” Describe what’s happening and how it feels in your body. You can also experiment by telling your partner something you’re going to do to them, or something you want them to do to you.

Experiment with your voice.
Most of us take for granted all the different things we can do with our voice, and the impact these changes have. Experiment with speed, how fast you talk. Some things call for a staccato barrage, while some things are best said slowly. Change the volume of your voice, try whispering, try screaming, try everything in the middle. Also play with the tenor of your voice. You can sound commanding and harsh, trembling and uncertain, and everywhere in between.

Make dirty talking a two way conversation.
Once you’ve taken the risk and initiated talking dirty with your partner, ask them to do the same. It isn’t for everyone, and you might find that you like doing it more than hearing it (or vice versa). But being on the receiving and the giving end of dirty talk can give you a different perspective on it, plus you may learn a few things from your partner you didn’t already know.”

So let me know how these tips work for you and put in your comments below. And let me know if you have anything to add! I am always willing to learn something new!

Love and Ropes…

ADULTCON is Coming Back to LA

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Mark you Calendars – September 10th-12th is coming back to the LA Convention Center!

The world-famous ADULTCON is America’s ultimate sexy adult entertainment playground, fan fair and lifestyle expo filled with provocative, erotic entertainment… And I’ll be there.

Experience the thrill of meeting the mega xxx stars of today (including me!), the up and coming porn stars of tomorrow as well as many other sexy adult entertainers in person, up close & personal. Some of those girls I’ll looking forward to meeting too!

ADULTCON is THE original porn meccah, where you have the rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to get personalized autographed Magazines, Photos and DVD’s directly from over 69 Porn Stars and to take photos with your favorite stars while watching their performance with them on the big screen, all at the same time!

Ladies, Listen up:

ADULTCON is the scene of a variety of live, erotic & sensual entertainment all weekend, providing a fun and safe show for everyone. Ladies and couples will also enjoy everything Adultcon has to offer.

Make sure you come on down and see me, click here to get info for ADULTCON in LA.

Don’t You Like Heels?

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Jewell Marceau presents her latest nylon & heels fetish video featuring Darling and Jewell in a very hot hardcore nylon & heels G/G sex rendezvous! Darling is always interrupting Jewell’s work at the office with her shoe dangling and footsie play. Jewell decides to put a stop to it once and for all by stealing Darling’s shoe so she can secretly smell Darling’s delicious foot scent. Darling masturbates to the idea of Jewell Marceau getting hot for her heels and soon goes after Jewell with her prized strap-on right there in the office! Watch Jewell and Darling as they worship each other nylon legs and feet and then rip open their pantyhose to gain access to the real prize! You can find this video available for purchase now on my store page Take advantage of purchasing this brand new title during mysummer sale for a limited time only!

Join Me At The Von Gutenberg Fetish Ball!

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Come and see me in person at the Von Gutenberg Fetish Ball this March 11th-13th in San Francisco, CA. If you can’t make it to San Francisco this weekend and want to have a personal experience with me then drop me an email and let’s talk about pro-dom and Skype sessions.

Holiday Sale!

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Breastina and Jewell have a Merry Christmas at!

Breastina and Jewell have a Merry Christmas at!

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Are You Thinking About Licking Me?

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Well, she certainly was… and did a whole lot more than just licking. It all started out as my just showing her my sexy, tight, kinky  new latex outfit and it turned into a wild, bondage filled experience of a life time! Wanna see more? I can definitely show you and fulfill all of your rope-filled, tie-me-up desires. More kinky bondage and wet, dripping pussy are just a click away…

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